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Our Mission

nic houldsworth is built on a commitment to providing 100% customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work. This commitment is accomplished through our full service landscape and fencing company providing quality work, integrity, and on time service. nic houldsworth prides itself on offering it’s client with all the tools to turn their dreams into a reality. This process begins with our Design services ensuring our customers that all of their ideas and needs have been met. This process continues with our landscape project management and our teams ensuring that all of our clients construction needs are met with meticulous attention to detail. if you wish This process is completed with our Landscape Maintenance division which will maintain your created design and ensure beauty for years to come. It is our purpose to ensure a positive experience that enhances the quality of life for our customers.

On the web is where they are
Fencing, turfing, patios’ galore
An email to ask if they could have a look
At the garden at our front door
Trees to go, walls to build
A little” summerhouse”
And so the demolition started and
Scared away the mouse
A water feature would be great
With pebbles and a fall
So off they set on a mission
To slope it through the wall
His team of 8 are always there
United musketeers
Running a mock with the nail gun
And silly things in their ears
Morning would fall, a briefing would come
Followed by a decision
And turf would be laid throughout the day
With such immense precision
A builder drafted in to help
To craft and set the bricks in
A nice surprise one morning found
It to be my big cousin
Amazing study with each brick
Inserted like a pro
“Oh dear”, and accident reported
His finger not his toe
Off to hospital with a break
And Grant left all alone
But the musketeers aren’t far away
To help him with his stone
Some beads of sweat and almost a tear
To fall down his cheek
But soldier on is what he did
A deadline to keep
And so we come to the end
The cat that got the cream
Our family want to thank you all
For helping us achieve our dream
— The Fletcher Family

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