Garden Sharing in & around edinburgh


The City Of Edinburgh Council manages 1492 plots over 29 sites across the city, increasing to 1502 over 30 sites by Spring 2017.

Demand for the plots is overwhelming, with an average wait time of six years.

An increasingly popular alternative for people wanting to 'grow their own' are garden share schemes. They connect people who have land (or gardens) they are not using (or can no longer maintain) with people who are keen to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

We are capable of helping each other,  bridging age gaps and rebuilding inner city communities.  We can learn new skills, have access to our own fresh produce and spend more time outdoors. 

We would like to help establish an online community to kick start a garden / land share scheme.

If you feel you can help, have any suggestions or would like to join the scheme, please complete the form below.

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