Kiln Dried firewood & companions


the burning question

Burning logs is a much more environmentally friendly process than burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil or gas.

Burning logs does release CO2 into the atmosphere, but providing a tree is planted to replace each tree felled and burnt, the same amount of CO2 will be absorbed by the tree as it grows, so the net release of CO2 into the atmosphere will be zero.  

Burning logs or other wood products is thus said to be a carbon neutral process. 


Why do we Kiln Dry Firewood?

The drier we can make our firewood the more heat you get from your fireplace or stove. 

Freshly cut "unseasoned" timber normally has a moisture content of 50% or more and we all know that when you try to burn anything damp it will be difficult to light and inevitably give out little heat. Now that isn't cool. Burning wet firewood will also produce a lot of smoke, ash and sooty stuff. Using seasoned firewood can help reduce these problems, but only kiln dried logs will give you the heat factor.



To produce the very best quality firewood a kiln is needed to bring the moisture content of the logs produced down to 20% or less. Burning firewood with this level of moisture content will give you the highest heat output and mean you use less logs. It also helps minimize smoke, smell, ash and sooty stuff.


what about Seasoned Logs

The traditional method used to dry firewood is known as seasoning. This involves stacking timber outside in the open for a year or two to allow it to dry naturally in the sun and wind. The acceptable moisture content for seasoned firewood is usually regarded as 35% or below and this level of moisture content could provide you with an acceptable heat output, with lower levels of smoke, ash and sooty stuff than freshly cut timber.




Like our logs but smaller, great                    fire starters


Kiln dried beautiful burners. We only source from well managed,                                                       sustainable forests



premium wood briquettes made from compressed wood.